Cozy Winter Compression - Tights

 The new Tights Cozy Winter are THE sensation for the chilliest season of the year. With their unique plush knitting method, strong compression effect and Form-Fit Thread. The exclusive plush knitting method traps air in the loops of knitted fabric to build up an insulating layer that gives wearers a pleasant sensation of warmth. These extremely opaque tights in the fashionable colours marine and beluga keep Jack Frost away whether their wearer is kitted out in a cosy knitted dress and boots or on the way into the office in a suit and stilettos. The anatomical fit, the special Form-Fit-Thread and the microcirculation promoted by compression work together to create beautifully defined winter wonder legs. These tights have a “thermo effect” for more winter fun. Cutting-edge loop pile knitting technology made in Germany.


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