Compression Shape Pants Shorts

Shapewear with a feel-good effect. Compression for better health. These Shapewear Pants care for the body and increase well-being. The high waist design gives the abdomen and waist a wonderful silhouette. Thanks to ITEM m6 Pants, you can feel confident in your pants and skirts. In timeless black, shape Shapewear Pants are the perfect underwear all year long. Thanks to the Shapewear Pants the curves of the body are beautifully defined. The unique combination of shaping and medi compression ensures better circulation throughout the body with a relaxed feel. The additional push-up effect of the buttocks makes these the perfect look for the office or your next party. Developed by an international team of designers, the Shapewear Pants meets the demanding needs of fashion and comfort. Like a second skin, it clings to the body and is characterized by its high quality. Designed and made in the German high-tech manufactured by medi. Body + Effect STUNNING LEGS. OPTIMUM FITNESS. ULTIMATE COMFORT. The ITEM m6 BODY+ EFFECT stands for the unique combination of compression and shaping technology. Put on ITEM m6 and you immediately experience a sense of lightness – you feel fit and balanced. The shaping effect shapes your legs to give you an even more beautiful silhouette and perfectly smooth skin. This is what makes ITEM m6 an innovation for everyone who appreciates premium quality fashion and wants to do something good for their body.

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